Some feedback from using the neo as a phone for a day

Igor Foox igorfoox at
Tue Oct 16 17:00:33 CEST 2007

For anyone who's interseted I filed some of the issues as bugs in the
bugzilla, others already existed. The new ones are listed bellow.

On 10/14/07, Igor Foox <igorfoox at> wrote:
> Voice/Talking:
> - There is a very strong amplification of background noise when in a
> voice call. If you are in a quiet room the sound is pretty good (and
> the volume is nice and loud). But when there is even mild background
> noise in your location it gets amplified, and both you and the other
> party barely hear anything.

Filed as bug 938:

> - In the Contacts application, it's impossible to enter a phone number
> (and maybe an email address) for a contact when the phone is not
> connected to the GSM network.

Filed as 939:

> - In the dialer application there's apparently a 'cursor' that you can
> move by clicking somewhere on the textfield displaying the current
> phone number. But there is no visual feedback for the cursor so if you
> accidentally place it in the middle of a number you're left thinking
> you will be very confused.

Filed as 940:

> - The scrolling is very cool, but it's often difficult to scroll when
> the items you're scrolling are clickable, because it incorrectly gets
> recognized as a click.

Filed as 941:

> - The dialer application has the "hangup" button on the top right of
> the screen when in a call. When you actually talk on the phone it's
> _really_ easy to touch that part of the screen with your face, which
> results in 3-4 accidental hangups per call. Oops. :-)

Filed as 942:

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