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You're new here, so we'll forgive you.  ;-)  But moko (Openmoko) is free.  I
assume you're talking about the Neo1973.  We don't want to confuse those.


On 10/16/07, Thufir <hawat.thufir at> wrote:
> I'm very impressed with the volume of this group!  I only subscribed to
> it the other day through gmane, and am overwhelmed with the volume of
> posts.
> Unfortunately, the moko isn't at a stage where I can justify shelling out
> the cash for it, but I have my fingers crossed!  Until then I'll be
> lurking.
> What most appeals to me about the moko is that I would be able to mount
> it effortlessly and sync it up with my system.  There isn't a cell phone
> out there right now which synchronizes with a Linux system in any way
> shape or form which I'm aware of :(
> -Thufir
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