Has anybody seen this article in LinuxWorld ?

Andy Powell openmoko at automated.it
Wed Oct 17 21:08:15 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 17 October 2007 19:40, Ian Darwin wrote:
> > has anyone tried this, or even found the download (assuming it's free)?
> There is a free download, that you can find from the first page of the
> article. Or just go to the bottom of this page
> http://www.ok-labs.com/technology/
> and click Download.
> It might be a good way to switch between OpenMoko and QTopia, or
> (someday) OpenMoko on Linux and OpenMoko on your favorite BSD.
> But I don't have time to play with it at present.

Oh yeah, wonderful, yet another f*&king build system with bugger all 


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