Neo1973 drawings

Doug Jones dj6mf at
Thu Oct 18 06:33:12 CEST 2007

>> for a start that some of us have made on the wiki. is anyone with a
>> GTA01 up for whipping out their micrometer/3d scanner and knocking
>> something together?
>> even better, is anyone at FIC/openmoko able and willing to provide us
>> with detailed drawings of the case?
> If this doesn't happen before next wednesday, remind me and I'll measure 
> up one of my GTA01s with my digital micrometer. I happen to be 1000km 
> from it this weekend (my micrometer not my neo :-)

Would be great if somebody did a really thorough job of documenting the 
Neo case.  In other words, disassemble a Neo as described here:

and make nice orthographic images of all the case parts, from all angles 
  --  back, front, edge-on, etc.

The easiest way to do this is to simply place the parts on a flatbed 
scanner.  And put a pair of short rulers on there too, at right angles, 
for calibration (millimeter scale!).

The orthographic images produced in this way aren't perfect, but they're 
a lot better than what you get with an ordinary camera, at least for 
some purposes.  You don't have to worry about camera angles and such, 
and the resolution is potentially much higher too.

By all means, make lots of measurements with the micrometer, everything 
you can think of that might be useful to somebody who wants to hack 
hardware or design add-on parts.  But with some good orthographic images 
uploaded into the wiki, people would have an opportunity to make 
measurements that weren't thought of when the micrometer measurements 
were made, or that aren't easy to make with a micrometer.

Some non-trivial things to measure include draft angles and radii of 
curvature (there are lots of these, as molded parts rarely have true 
sharp corners on them  --  these corners are usually "radiused").

Use a high resolution, true color, PNG format.  Leave the scanner lid up 
and turn off the room lights for a nice black background.

Yes the image files will be large.  I don't mind, I have broadband.  :)

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