Possible to add "OpenMoko" to the email title

Charles githlar at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 09:41:26 CEST 2007

This is my first post to any mailing list. I hope I did it right...
I ran across the OpenMoko project a few days ago and I think it looks
really promising. I want to wait until the consumer release before I
start messing with it though =P.

Anyway, to address your second question: In the reading I have done, I
understand that OpenMoko applications will be written in GTK+ (if you
don't want to be a deviant). GTK+ is a C library. I toyed around it it a
bit designing interfaces with Glade and what-not, but I never really got
too far into it before I fried my computer - and then again a month

Try these:

That should give you a start I hope.


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