Neo1973 drawings

Eric Preston openmoko at
Sun Oct 21 04:05:22 CEST 2007

I wrote:

>> If this doesn't happen before next wednesday, remind me and I'll
>> measure up one of my GTA01s with my digital micrometer. I happen to
>> be 1000km from it this weekend (my micrometer not my neo :-)

Robin Paulson wrote:

> Hi eric,
> have you been able to make any progress measuring the case for your  
> neo1973?

Hi Robin,

I have, but haven't completed everything yet. I've got a bunch of  
measurements taken, but to be honest my digital micrometer has an  
accuracy of 0.01mm but I don't have the caffeine-free patience to get  
anything to more than 1-2mm at the moment.

I have started some sketches/mockup in a free version of Google  
Sketchup. If I can't get any farther this week, I'll put up what I  
have finished so far.


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