Innovative user interface idea

Oliver embry00s at
Sun Oct 21 13:45:15 CEST 2007

I agree that we need to focus on usability, but that WM6.1 interface is just
retarded. Instead of showing all the alternatives in a grid, where you get a
good overview and can quickly select an item, you are forced to remebmer
where every item is (if you don't like scrolling through lots and lots of
options) AND you force the cellphone to render all sub-options of the menus
you pass until you get to your desired menu. You could see in the video that
it wasn't entirely latency-free. Bleh!

Yes, we definitely need to think of the user interface, but mimicing that
one would be plain stupid. 2007.2 looks great to me, and infinitely better
than WM6.1.

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