Innovative user interface idea

Humberto Massa hmassa at
Sun Oct 21 15:14:41 CEST 2007

On 10/21/07, Oliver <embry00s at> wrote:
> I agree that we need to focus on usability, but that WM6.1 interface is just
> retarded. Instead of showing all the alternatives in a grid, where you get a
> good overview and can quickly select an item, you are forced to remebmer
> where every item is (if you don't like scrolling through lots and lots of
> options) AND you force the cellphone to render all sub-options of the menus
> you pass until you get to your desired menu. You could see in the video that
> it wasn't entirely latency-free. Bleh!
> Yes, we definitely need to think of the user interface, but mimicing that
> one would be plain stupid. 2007.2 looks great to me, and infinitely better
> than WM6.1.
> /Oliver

I have a PSP, and it's interface is carousel-like... it sucks exactly
because you must know where everything is.

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