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Mark wolfmane at
Wed Oct 24 01:09:10 CEST 2007

Richard Reichenbacher richard5 at
Tue Oct 23 21:03:31 CEST 2007
>Or perhaps you could continue searching the wiki for updated information.
>Scroll down to estimated time line.

Oh, yeah, there's a single place in the entire wiki that gives updated
information. It's sooooo reasonable to expect everybody to dig through
the entire site to find it, amid the multitude of places that still
say OCTOBER...

All I'm asking for is the occasional update on the "announce" list
(what is that list for, anyway, if it's not for exactly this kind of
thing?????). There hasn't been a post to that list for a month, and
that was only a request for help on the Web-shop. The last "real" post
to that list was on August 20, more than two months ago. Do you really
think that's reasonable????????????????????????????????

If this is the kind of attitude and customer service we can expect
after we buy the thing, I'm not so sure I'm interested anymore...


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