Exact release date of GTA02v4?

Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 01:28:36 CEST 2007

Since no one else has seen fit to make an appropriate post, I'm
pasting this from the one place on the site that has some information:

Estimated time line
    * Sep 20 - GTA02v3 design finalized.
    * Sep 25 - GTA02v3 serious flaw found, GTA02v4 needed.
    * Oct 15 - GTA02v4 design finalized.
    * Oct 30 - GTA02v4 design produced, and shipped to qualified developers.
    * Nov 20 - GTA02v4 design verified through testing by developers.
    * Dec 10 - GTA02v4 produced in moderate volume
    * Dec 20 - GTA02v4 goes on sale
    * Dec 25 - GTA02v4 arrives. See Santa's Sleigh Package Service.

However, I suggest everyone take this with a grain of salt and not
expect anything until well after the New Year.


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