Exact release date of GTA01Bv4??

Andreas Utterberg andreas.utterberg at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 12:54:46 CEST 2007

Thanx Michael

I apprichiate the answer, im sitting on needles and pins here, me and a few
other friends, and we dont know if we shall order the current device on sale
since we can be missing importent upgrade specs or fundamental support in
the new hardware. As i read in some other post, its importent to keep the
community posted since many possible contributers maybe ware waiting for the
GTA02, but can think of buying the current Neo if it takes to long to get
the GTA02 to the market.

Im one of them..

The latest i have seen is the 20:e of dec which is to long for me, so im
buying the current neo for sale. Hopefully im not missing to much in a spec
point of view.


On 10/23/07, Michael Shiloh <michael at openmoko.org> wrote:
> Andreas Utterberg wrote:
> > Yes im sorry, i meant the GTA02 :-) and by release date i  mean when its
> > available for ordering.
> > I realy want to have a neo, but want to wait for the 02 since i have
> > heard something about nov-dec? is that correct?
> Hello Andreas,
> You are partially correct, we are aiming for November, but the truth is
> we can't tell exactly when it will be available for ordering because we
> don't know what unexpected surprises we'll run in to.
> Right now we're pretty happy with the third revision of GTA02 (GTA02v3).
> We started the forth revision already and we should be our first units
> of GTA02v4 so that we can start evaluating them any day now.
> But as to exact dates, we can not predict that.
> Michael
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