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On 10/24/07, AVee <openmoko-comunity at> wrote:
> what FIC is doing here is providing community service and goes beyond any
> obligation they have toward us. I really annoys me when people claim a
> right
> to get something *for free*. It doesn't work that way, you can ask, but
> you
> just can't make demands.
> AVee
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Ok, everybody chill for a second.  AVee's right, we're getting way more
info, and a deeper look into FIC and OpenMoko's dev process than you get
from any other company... some craziness and confusion is pretty much
standard for any product development... normally by the time apple or HP or
whoever announces a product, that is a distant memory, and it's all been
sorted out.

On the other hand, the community members are a part of the development
process, like any development team we can expect to be kept in the loop.
Keeping half your team in the dark is a sure way to kill a project.

The problem is, developing products like this is in it's infancy.  I'm not
sure that this is the first hardware product that's both large-scale and
community based, but if not it's pretty close.  The openmoko team is not
only having to develop a product, they're also having to develop how to
create an open, commercial hardware platform.  Michael was hired to address
some of these communication issues.  As I understand it (and please correct
me if I'm wrong) he's here to be our liason into the company's progress.
We're all so used to big faceless companies that you have to wheedle decent
service out of, that some of us have forgotten how to do anything else.

Next time there is a question like this, lets keep it civil, there may be a
delay in getting back to you because people have to go find the answer, or
it's not something that's been set yet.  Worst case, there are people inside
OpenMoko(is there a set rule of how to capitalize that? OpenMoko, Openmoko,
OpenMoKo?) that will answer your question, but be aware that most of them
have other duties... If you're asking Harald a question, realize answering
your question takes time away from developing.

anyways, let's try to be patient... remember we're still at the crawling
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