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Mark wolfmane at
Wed Oct 24 23:06:43 CEST 2007

Ted Lemon mellon at
Wed Oct 24 02:08:57 CEST 2007
On Oct 23, 2007, at 4:25 PM, Richard Reichenbacher wrote:
>> It's sooooo reasonable to expect everybody to dig through
>> the entire site to find it, amid the multitude of places that still
>> say OCTOBER...
>Considering that the alternative is for someone *else* to dig through
>the site and report the same answer to you, yes, actually, it does
>sound pretty reasonable for you to dig through the site yourself!   :')

No, the alternative is for the people who are actually producing the
item to make an announcement. What is so difficult and unreasonable
about that concept??????????

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