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On 10/24/07, Mark <wolfmane at> wrote:
> No, the alternative is for the people who are actually producing the
> item to make an announcement. What is so difficult and unreasonable
> about that concept??????????
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keep in mind that:

   - you're dealing with what is essentially a community project, the
   official team is small and lean... taking time out to make announcements
   used to mean taking a developer/manager off of developing/managing...
   Michael is just getting into his swing for this
   - you're dealing with a pre-production project... release dates are
   more goals to hit than hard and firm dates... they could have another block
   issue and have to scrap the design and do it a fifth time (knocking on my
   desk... I think it has some wood in it somewhere)
   - this is one of (if not the first) hardware platforms of this scope
   that's open and community driven... a lot of the process/procedure is being
   made up as we go along

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