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Wed Oct 24 23:48:18 CEST 2007

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On Wed Oct 24 23:22:11 CEST 2007
>On 10/24/07, Mark <wolfmane at> wrote:
>> No, the alternative is for the people who are actually producing the
>> item to make an announcement. What is so difficult and unreasonable
>> about that concept??????????
>keep in mind that:
>   - you're dealing with what is essentially a community project, the
>   official team is small and lean... taking time out to make announcements
>   used to mean taking a developer/manager off of developing/managing...
>   Michael is just getting into his swing for this
>   - you're dealing with a pre-production project... release dates are
>   more goals to hit than hard and firm dates... they could have another block
>   issue and have to scrap the design and do it a fifth time (knocking on my
>   desk... I think it has some wood in it somewhere)
>   - this is one of (if not the first) hardware platforms of this scope
>   that's open and community driven... a lot of the process/procedure is being
>   made up as we go along
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You need to keep in mind that:

- It takes maybe a couple of minutes at most to fire off a one-paragraph email.

- We're NOT talking about "taking a developer/manager off of
developing/managing". That's absurd.

- If somebody, anybody, had taken 30 seconds to post a message to the
list we wouldn't be having this flood of posts on this topic right

- "making things up as we go along" implies a learning process, which
means instead of getting defensive and denying responsibility and
wasting tons of everyone's time discussing a topic that should not be
an issue, learning the lesson and moving forward.

- Nobody is asking for an "official", press-release-ready corporate
announcement. All we're asking for is something like this:

"Sorry, folks, but due to circumstances beyond our control we are not
going to be able to make the release at the previously announced time.
We are working on the issues and hope to be ready for sale in

Then, any time the most recent deadline becomes impossible or highly
unlikely, make a similar update announcement.

I still fail to understand what is so burdensome about that.


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