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Simon simon.xhz at
Thu Oct 25 11:20:24 CEST 2007

This kind of keyboard looks quite impressive to me.
The only detail is it might be nice to optimize it for different
things such as programming or english text.
I couldn't try it out, but have you thought sorting the characters in
order of "difficulty to type them" according to their "popularity" (in
english text, irc style text with ;) and for programing with lots of

I believe it could be possible to ask the user to provide (the
software) an example of documents they most often work on. (For me
C++) And the prog would count the chars and update the keyboard
mapping to adjust for that.  Chars that were not found in document
will take the default popularity...

Anyway, might be a good addition to the wishlist! =)


On 10/25/07, Lars Hallberg <lah at> wrote:
> New demo, download 3key package at:
> Short intro:
> 3key demo - input method for touchscreen (both finger and stylus).
> All good things are three. This is my third demo and it uses three keys!
> goal
> * Be usable with one hand (hold phone and type with the thumb).
> - Reached in full.
> * Use little space on the screen. The application should have it!
> - Reached in full (take less space then the qwerty keyboard).
> * Be usable without visual contact (type in Your pocket).
> - Reached.
> * Reach all chars and functions and be extendable.
> - Reached in full, extendability not implemented in the demo.
> * Be usable without training, even if slow.
> - Reached, You should get it under one minute.
> * Reach descent speed, even if it takes training.
> - Reached, but takes allot of training and is still no high speed
>    method. The speed is approximately twice as good with stylus vs
>    one handed thumb writing. Two handed typing with one finger is
>    somewhere in the middle.
> /LaH
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