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Karsten Ensinger at
Thu Oct 25 12:24:25 CEST 2007

First of all, on 28. of September Michael Shiloh made the
"announcement" that the GTA02 will be delayed at least until
mid to end of december. EVERYBODY should have been able to
find this "announcement" easily.
So please do NOT complain that this information was not given
early enough. [flame] If you weren't subscribed then, why haven't
you searched the archive before asking (and especially before
complaining that no information was given at all)? [/flame]

Also do not complain that the Wiki is not updated immediately.
Most of the incriminated articles were written by community
members and not by official openmoko employees. So it should
be the responsibility for that members to keep them updated.
If they are to lazy to do this, they should have linked to an
official side instead of stating a "fixed" date. Whatever you
do, but do not blame others.

And because a lot of people claim for "announcements", one should
take into account that "announcements" should only be made for
something, which is already finished. Everything else just
generates "vaporware" (and we already have to much of that kind
of products). This is at least true for commercial products
and the Neo is still in development, hence not a "commercial
product" YET.

I am already a customer of FIC (GTA01v4) and will definitely
also get one of the GTA02 gadgets. In addition to this, I also
started to write an application especially focused on the Neo.
But it appears to me as if most of the people on this community
list just complain about THEIR OWN DREAMS not coming true.
If you want to take part into the community, get a GTA01 and
start making your dreams come true, but please do not complain
that all the fruits within your neighbours backyard (aka. GTA02)
are sweeter than yours (aka. GTA01).

I am deeply grateful that FIC let me take part in this early
phase of development, but I am really pissed of by all this
people here which "got a hand" by FIC and now try to rip off
the complete arm (sorry for my bad english but I am not well
trained in english sayings; that was another german one translated
into english). The Neo is, was, and will be, a product for geeks
and therefore never was intended to be a mass market product.
Geeks do not look at fancy glamour but for useful attributes.
But also geeks do not want to buy faulty hardware (software is
a different beast, in particular if it is open source).
If you want a fancy glamourous mobile, go and get an IPhone.
If you want to hack an open source mobile, go and get a GTA01.
If you want to have the "jack of all trades" aka. GTA02 there
is nothing left but to be patient.
And it won't get any faster if you ask every week when it will be
ready. And only dumb managers expect to get a precise timeframe
if they ask a developer how long it will take to solve a not yet
known problem. And ... no it is not smarter to ask for a vague
estimation, because that would be reading tea leaves and nothing
serious. And ... no it is also not smarter if you accept an
vague estimation just to maintain hope. You only will get disappointed,
because no developer will met a former estimation he made, ever!

I apologize in advance for every indignities someone will find
within my mail, which HE thinks is aimed at him personally.


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