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[flame] If you weren't subscribed then, why haven't
> you searched the archive before asking (and especially before
> complaining that no information was given at all)? [/flame]
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> Karsten
> I can see what you're saying, people who subscribed right after one of
Micheal or Sean's really important emails might wait for a while before the
next one.  To them, it would appear that these things never go out, and that
they're in the dark.

It seems to me that we see these kind of conversations start about every
other month.

What about creating a "state of the project" email that is sent on
subscribe, kind of a welcome to openmoko, here's what's going on: a 2 minute
blurb to bring people up to speed, and reference them to the appropriate
wiki pages to find out what else they need?  This would need to be kept
reasonably up to date, probably revised after every big announcement, and
after the bi-weekly emails.

To a new subscriber though, it would give them an "official" answer about
what's going on, until they can see some of the updates that get sent out.

What do people think? Might this solve some of the problem?

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