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I watched the demo... Looks nice!

Maybe I have an interesting idea for you we could talk about...

I know that this is only a demo, but for the better productivity (less training needed) it would be nice if you would build up a "standard keyboard layout"....

I mean - first button means 
"Space" - then "left" (better a circle left - like iPods) jumps a step left (as long as I "draw" the circle) to "ALT","STRG" ,...)
If I raise the finger and then scratch up it goes to the upper next line "yxcvbnm,.-" where the 'b' or 'n' is highlightet".... That sounds easy I hope?! What do you think?!
Maybe then the capital keys could be used by one of the three starting buttons...

Possibilitys of selecting:
- pressing : select
- press and move up : go up one selection line
- press and move down : go gown one selection line
- press and move left : go left one character
-> press and move left in a circle left go left for as many characters as the circle "moves"
- ...

The keys in the currently selected row could be shown in a list right above the button...
(I use your ascii from the readme)

    |    *      *    |
  y x c v* bbb  *n m , . -   <<< scrolls through the screen with the currently selectet in the middle
    |SHFT* SEL  *CTRL|

Was it understandable what I meant??

What do you think of this way of typing?!

Best regards,

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Or you can read the Readme, there's an ascii drawing and the two
paragraph helps you understand how it's used.


On 10/25/07, Lars Hallberg <lah at> wrote:
> Vincent skrev:
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> >
> >     yeah, please let us see
> >
> > I've made a screencast:
> Thanks /LaH
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