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Karsten Ensinger karsten.at.openmoko at onlinehome.de
Fri Oct 26 12:55:31 CEST 2007

Mark wrote:
> The bottom line is this suggestion is exactly what I was asking for in
> the first place, with the one and only difference being that I was
> asking for that information to be posted to the announce list.
> But my request was somehow unreasonable and this one is not?????????

Because you asked for something different (quote from your original
message following)?

 >> As someone who has been waiting on pins and needles for months for
 >> this phone, I too am wondering why there has not been an announcement
 >> of some kind, since up to now they've been saying "October" and we're
 >> 3/4 of the way through the month. If it's going to be January or
 >> later, that's fine (and that's probably still optimistic, considering
 >> what I've been reading on the lists), but they really should keep us
 >> posted. It's extremely inconsiderate to keep everybody in suspense
 >> like this.

This was sent by you at 23rd of October.
As I already mentioned in a mail to the community list, Michael Shiloh
sent an update of the release date at 28th of September.
You obviously missed that and blame others for this fact (at least it
seems to me as if you blame others).
It is hard for me to believe that you are REALLY "waiting on pins and
needles", if you missed that message, but that is my personal opinion
and can be completely wrong.

I am following this list (and most of all the other lists on openmoko)
nearly from the beginning and I really feel sorry for the guys at
They tried to share as much information as possible with "their"
customers (and possible to-be customers in the future), what is an
uniqueness within this market environment, and what do they get in
They got flamed, users were harsh on them, "not-yet-customers" menace
(is that the right vocabulary?) to get lost as customers if openmoko
officials do not react like they think the "not-yet-customers" deserve
it, there is even the "fulmination" to spread FUD to all friends
about the Neo if they do not get what they demand, etc..
What do you expect as a result to this???
I would expect lesser information, lesser participation from offical
side, only spreading dates which are already verified to meet and
absolutely no vague estimations at all. In other words: That what
you already get from companies like IBM, Apple, HP etc..

If that is your intention, go on and do your worst.

Regards from a disenchanted

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