State of the project

Bill Cox bill at
Fri Oct 26 15:24:16 CEST 2007

Hi, guys, and Michael in particular.

I'm fairly new here, but I have a NEO1973.  I'd like to participate, and
help OpenMoko become the best cell-phone platform ever.  However, I'm
having trouble getting started, and I suspect others feel the same.  In

= While having Michael in the e-mail group is wonderful, where's the
equivalent of Linus?  The "appropriate powers" need to be involved for
community efforts to succeed.  The appropriate powers should be exactly
one guy (or girl) who participates right here.

- I do not have any significant visibility into the development effort.
Software seems to magically be updated with no discussion trail I can
find.  I can't seem to find who maintains what part of OpenMoko, or what
exactly is being worked on, or what the short and long-term roadmap is.

- Waiting out here in end-user land for tidbits of information to leak
out is dumb.  I'm an open-source developer, not some fan-boy waiting for
cool features to magically appear.  Is this an open-source development
effort or not?  To participate, I need a fire-hose of developer traffic
I can pick through.  It must exist somewhere... the distro-devel list
has less than one post per day, and it seems to be mostly about
bug-reports from the community.  Is there some hard-to-find or secret
list that we open-source guys don't know about?  I don't see how the
effort could have gotten this far without better communication.

I basically want leadership and visibility.  If the information I need
is considered a corporate secret, I'll find someplace more useful to


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