Exact release date of GTA02v4?

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at murmp.com
Fri Oct 26 16:40:43 CEST 2007

I'll admit I was one who "grumbled" in the past.  My complaint was that
there was good flow of information when things were on track (which was
appreciated), but as soon as things slipped it was complete and utter
silence (hence most of the "angry emails", not the actual slippage).

That said, posts like this are exactly what I wanted, and thank you very
much for taking the time to respond.  I can't speak for anyone but
myself, but I would much prefer hearing SOMETHING (whether it be delays
or not).  I honestly don't get that hung up on "targeted" release dates
that much...I would just like to know about the overall progress
(exactly like your email addressed).  However, I did "grumble" and still
think it is/was bad business practices when they posted release dates,
missed them (which is fine) BUT DID NOT SAY ANYTHING.

So again, thanks Michael.  We (or at least I) very much appreciate this
type of information.  It doesn't have to come that often, but a quick
blurb like this will go a LONG way in reducing the "grumbling" about
lack of information.


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