Homebrew Open Phone

Doug Sutherland doug at proficio.ca
Mon Oct 29 00:41:53 CET 2007

Open hardware means availability of schematics and gerbers,
not source code, and this is not open hardware. Driver code 
is still in the software realm. For compulab's PXA270 boards, 
this is their listed OS support:


Since they list linux support presumably there is source but I
would check to make sure before buying. 

For harware details, products like this will usually include enough 
documentation of the hardware to do any kind of interfacing you 
need, but it's not open hardware unless they provide the full 
schematics and gerber files to produce pcb boards.

Doug Sutherland
Proficio Research

Regarding CompuLab hardware
> does anyone know the word on openness of their hardware? i.e. are the
> modules they supply in binary form, or as code? the hardware looks
> fantastic and i've spent a while studying the specs, but if there's no
> open code, i'll stick with openmoko/neo1973

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