Sv: New input method demo!

Lars Hallberg lah at
Mon Oct 29 09:46:17 CET 2007

Mikkel Meyer Andersen skrev:
> Hi,
> I've also tried to develop a keyboard for finger-use. I started with
> developing a dictionary library, and have only made a very simple GUI to use
> it.
> I haven't seen you keyboard yet, but I'm really looking forward to. In
> addition to this, I hope to be able to incorporate the dictionary I've made.

I'm been thinking about this for a while... And Yes thanks... I want to 
play with it.

While the app often have better knowledge, it make sens to put the logic 
in one place. To give all apps completion, and to avoid duplication. An 
api to let apps control what they need would probably not be too 
complicated ether.

So, Yes... Where can I find the code and data?

I would also want to find a list of the most used English words... To 
add directly in the keyboard layout. It is better for short words then 
completion, and the most used words is often short. As positions in the 
keyboard layout have to be memorized to work fast it will work for far 
less words. So completion is a nice complement.


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