Building for x86

Simon simon.xhz at
Tue Oct 30 04:06:53 CET 2007

  I've been following the list a bit and I was wondering if it was
possible to build openmoko for a native x86 environment?  I don't just
mean to build the graphical end of it, but also the kernel and
everything, have my root setup the way it is on the OpenMoko device.
Have only the exact same software running...  What I'm looking for is
to isolate completely my openmoko build from my system.  My system is
too old to run OM in qemu, (it took more than 30 min to boot the last
time i tried and it wasn't very functional with 1 min delay for

  So...  I'd rather dual boot into OpenMoko than integrate it into my
current system...

  I haven't done anything yet but I believe I should follow the path of:
  Making sure to make the modifications explain in pages for setting
up OM for Xephyr and Xoo.
  And then, place it all under its own partition (any partition
preference? ext2?) and update my own boot loader (I've been using lilo
for long now).  Is there any special append="options" I should use?  I
guess the part talking about u-boot should cover this, but if you guys
can help with it...
  If I'm not drunk, this "should" work, right?

  Also, having everything native like this, what will happen with the
X display?  1024x768 or will it resize with black borders left and

Thanks in advance,

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