SRC_URI arguments, how to

Sudharshan S sudharsh at
Tue Oct 30 11:03:53 CET 2007

> Thank you,
> Would I then have to have a script to pack my local overlay before
> building the package ? Sorry for my confusion, I'm all new to this build
> environment. How does everyone else do this ?
> >From my point of view it would be easiest to be able to point SRC_URI to
> my local overlay base directory and let it copy everything below and
> including that point to the work directory and the build it. But i'm
> guessing that there is something that I am missing here =)
> /Pontus

My code doesnt actually sit "in" the local overlay, only my recipes are
there. I have a separate working directory where I do my work. Oh come
on, creating a tarball is pretty trivial =D. The bitbake is kinda smart
enough to unpack the tarball while building your code. No problems

Especially when you have a sizeable number of files, copying each and
every file is kinda weird (unless its under some Version Control

But, if your code is in some local svn (..or cvs) repository you could
make change the SRC_URI accordingly if you want the "copy each file into
the build directory" behaviour. Digging into the gazillions of recipes
in the tree should give you an idea. Bitbake experts, Correct me if i am
wrong. =)

Sudharshan S

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