Openource handwriting recognition

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Tue Oct 30 20:55:26 CET 2007

Two separate quotes from the main website

"However, some Tablet PCs or PDAs may not have a pen button or any other
convenient way to right-click. The alternative gesture to bring up the
context menu is the hold-click. Press with the pen without moving for
one second and the context menu will show up. If you start drawing ink,
you have moved the pen too far."

"To insert a space, point the mouse cursor at the insertion hotspot at
either the bottom or the top of the dividing line between cells. If you
are pointing at the hotspot, arrows will appear at the top and bottom of
the dividing line, click to insert a space."

So yeah, they do talk about mousing over things, but they also talk
about PDA/Tablets as well.  Either way, this looks like a great stylus
input method, but probably won't work too well for a finger input


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looks like it was developed with an active digitizer... (eg mousing
over stuff the insertion hotspot)

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