Community Update

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Oct 31 14:44:03 CET 2007


I apologize that my bi-weekly update is a little late for this period. 
This is mostly due to traveling on my part.

The update today is more organizational than technical.

OpenMoko has added some key positions and some key people in those 
positions. This should help move the project forward.

Steve Mosher is our new VP of Marketing. Among the other 
responsibilities of a VP of Marketing, Steve will help guide my activities.

Wolfgang Sproul is our new VP of engineering. He will be focusing on
directing software engineering.

Will Lai is the new Project Manager for the GTA02. He will be making
sure developers working on GTA02 have the resources they need, and will
be responsible for keeping me informed.

I will be going to Taiwan next week, partially as a regularly scheduled
opportunity to get updated, but in particular now following this
additional structure. I hope by the end of my visit to have a thorough
update for you.

I pay serious attention to the conversations on the community mailing 
list. I think that the recent heated discussion regarding the degree to 
which OpenMoko shares information is indicative of a problem I will 
address while in Taiwan.

If you have other concerns or comments please send them to me, either 
directly or to the list.

To save time, please refrain from re-opening previous discussions.

Michael Shiloh
Developer Relations

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