HD8X FCC approved

Adam krikstone at cox.net
Wed Oct 31 18:10:30 CET 2007

Sorry if this has been posted before.



It is called "Dash Express."  http://dash.net/ instead of dash.org

"Name    Dash Express
Screen  4.3" 480x320 WQVGA
Flash    3 GB
CPU     Samsung s3c2440 SoC @ 400 MHz (Source)
GSM     GSM, GPRS (Calypso solution)
GPS     SirfStar III GPS,
OS      Dash Linux
USB     Standard USB 1.1 (unpowered), with a Mini-B receptor (can be
        connected via adapter to both host and client devices)
Battery 2200 mAh

All the following information could be found at www.Dash.org Please go to
the web site for most updated information.
A Dash Express standard package including:
         Car Charger
         USB Charger
         USB A to mini B cable
         Car Holder
         Dash Express
         Quick start guide
         Dash card
         Soft bag for Dash Express"

Is this going to be open source?  I'm assuming that it runs or will run 


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