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Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Oct 31 20:17:13 CET 2007

Mike Montour wrote:
> Michael Shiloh wrote:
>> To save time, please refrain from re-opening previous discussions.
> "Re-opening" implies that there has been some previous closure, vs. a 
> discussion that just trailed off into silence. Could you please provide 
> regular updates on important items that are still open, even if it's 
> just to say "no progress since my last update"?

Absolutely. Implementing something like this was everyone's intention 
right from the start - it's just been a matter of time. Hopefully 
starting with this visit I'll have more time to put into OpenMoko. In 
addition, the new roles will help me by defining what I am and am not 
responsible for, allowing me to put more energy into communicating with you.

> You obviously don't have to cover every issue, but I think that a "top 
> 5" list would be reasonable. For example:
>  - Progress of the GTA02 hardware production and qualification (which I 
> see you have updated on the Wiki)
>  - Delivery of the promised 'gllin' GPS binary to GTA01 owners (anything 
> that can be made to work, OABI/EABI/chrooted/whatever)
>  - The apparent lack of 850 MHz GSM support in USA+Canada (e.g. comment 
> 24 on bug #256)
>  - Delivery of a GSM firmware update for the 3G SIM bug (#666)
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