Community Update

Mike Montour mail at
Wed Oct 31 22:21:09 CET 2007

Michael Shiloh wrote:

> The next issue was technical, and resulted from the switch from OABI to 
> EABI. That issue has a number of workarounds (wrapper, chroot), but 
> unfortunately all these technical solutions raise another set of legal 
> issues.

I personally would be satisfied with the original "bare" OABI binary, 
i.e. one that I could run if I rolled back my rootfs to a 2007.1 image. 
I also don't need any of the "Assisted" GPS features yet (i.e. the 
orbit-prediction data from Global Locate); all I want is to be able to 
take my phone outside and get a position fix.

Is there any chance of convincing your lawyers to let you release an 
"as-is" version of the binary under the same sort of "developers only, 
you have been warned" disclaimer that we had to accept when we purchased 
the GTA01 hardware?

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