Myth Busting FTW

Jeremy G atrus123 at
Sat Sep 1 05:25:40 CEST 2007

>> * Where on any official blogs/websites have you seen the OpenMoko team
>> or FIC say that they were making an "iPhone killer" or "anti-iPhone?"
> "Sean Moss-Pultz, architect of OpenMoko and product manager of First
> International Computer's mobile communication business unit, in an e-mail...
> Why buy a Neo rather than an iPhone? "While Apple delivers a polished
> experience, it's an experience that is exactly how you they want you to have
> it," said Moss-Pultz. "In other words, users really have no freedom to
> change the device if they don't like the way Apple chose to make things.
> OpenMoko is the anti-iPhone."
> Linux-Based OpenMoko 'Anti-iPhone' Debuts -- iPhone -- InformationWeek

I think it's hard to avoid comparisons with the iPhone considering the
insane media frenzy.  I'm sure Sean & co. got asked frequently to
compare the Apple phone and the FIC phone, and really, in this
context, the term "anti-iPhone" is somewhat appropriate.

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