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Thanks, Mike, for forwarding his responses. It's been interesting to 
hear more about his point of view from his original scathing article. 
Like many others, I couldn't finish reading his blog article either.


Mike Hodson wrote:
> And what appears to be a final reply from Dan.
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> From: Daniel Eran <danieleran at gmail.com>
> Date: Aug 31, 2007 6:18 PM
> Subject: Re: Myth Busting FTW
> To: Mike Hodson <mystica at gmail.com>
> Hi Mike,
> I have a dim view of providers overall. I also realize the US mobile
> system is really bad, and have written before detailing the history of
> how things got the way they are, as well as what problems I see
> specifically. I'm not trying to run down T-mobile, only pointing out
> that the arguments that the iPhone is tied to AT&T in some bizarre and
> evil way are overblown. Tmobile doesn't really offer much in the US,
> although I'm sure things are slightly different in various regions ,
> such as Vermont, which has no AT&T service.
> I also made comments about the GSM/CDMA2000 split in the US, which
> really restricts "any provider you want" freedom. In other markets
> that are predominantly GSM (such as the EU) or CMDA2000 (such as
> Japan), there is more reason to demand vendor neutrality. I would
> prefer AT&T to gain strength in the US so that GSM became an overall
> standard. The move to UMTS was supposed to unite both 2.5G systems
> under one new 3G one, but now Verizon is building out old EDVO and
> Sprint is building out WiMax. So a real open market for service is
> unlikely to happen soon in the US.
> Dan
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