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Sat Sep 1 19:12:13 CEST 2007

la, 2007-09-01 kello 17:19 +0100, Giles Jones kirjoitti:
> I wouldn't know since I've not looked into such things. But ATI have  
> mobile GPUs and are open sourcing desktop drivers, maybe they would  
> do the same for their mobile devices?

ATI's intentions to open source their GPU drivers have been greatly
exaggarated. They have mostly made vague statements about supporting
Linux / open source [OSes] better. And noise has been made for a while.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to actually deliver. (Shame
on AMD.)

And of course, even if they freed such "commodity" drivers, some PHB
could well be persuaded to keep a tight lid on their super-secret
embedded stuff. But of course, it'd be a step forward.

Oh, incidentally, I don't really know the market situation of free
software friendly low-power GPUs either. It's just an educated
assumption on my part that this is likely to be the best deal OM are
likely to get in this area. I pretty much trust the OM guys to feel the
same way, since, well, they picked the SMedia.

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