How "snappy" can the Openmoko GUI get using GTK?

Ted Lemon mellon at
Sun Sep 2 18:04:05 CEST 2007

On Sep 2, 2007, at 8:24 AM, Giles Jones wrote:
> VGA is 4x times the data, not two times. That will have a noticable  
> effect. The only VGA device I have owned was a Toshiba E800 PDA,  
> this had an ATI chip and it was still a little sluggish.

Hm.   The best example of slow draw times that I can find in the Moko  
UI is the terminal keyboard.   The reason this draws slowly is  
because it's being drawn line by line.   If it were just blitted in,  
it would be quite a bit faster.   It's certainly true that you will  
see slowness as a consequence both of the slow CPU and the lack of a  
GPU, I would guess particularly when surfing the web.   However, this  
is not why the UI feels slow right now.

The UI feels slow right now because when you click on a control,  
sometimes you get no response at all.   Right now, the UI is mainly  
operating in the realm of "you click on something, I do something."    
This works well when the something happens quickly, but when it  
doesn't, you want "you click on something, I do something to show  
that your click registered, I do something."   The elapsed time will  
be slightly longer in the second case, but the perceived UI lag will  
be less because you aren't wondering whether or not your tap registered.

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