Ruby for OpenMoko - got it small

Kero van Gelder kero at
Sun Sep 2 20:05:45 CEST 2007

> > So what do you think guys? Shall I keep going and trying to get it
> > smaller and faster or shall I abandon this and spend my time on
> > something more useful.
> I for one am very much interested and grateful for your efforts.
> Having used Ruby as my main programming language for all development
> work (thus, not only for scripting) for more than two years now, I
> consider the existence of a carefully optimized ruby engine for
> openmoko as a very important piece of the puzzle. If, thanks to your
> work, the ruby interpreter were to find a little corner in the default
> OM distribution, that would be a key selling point for me.

I dug up some of my iPAQ-time scripts and cross compiled ruby 1.8.6
I must say, OE does provide a lot of .h and .so files in only a few
places, which makes this an easy-enough task.

I measure footprint on the jffs2 image. My ipkgs together are less than
2 MB. Uncompressed, I do not so much care.

For your convenience:

keep in mind some of those won't work. Openssl bindings are empty, for
instance, which I will not change since dropbear is installed by
default. Tk is not even provided.
Installing readline does not work, same reason.
Forcing an install of irb, will make irb work.


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