SMedia 3362

thomas.cooksey at thomas.cooksey at
Tue Sep 4 16:12:52 CEST 2007

>> So are you claiming the open source drivers that we are writing are
>> open source, merely by the fact that we are writing them?  Using this
>> argument, the entire openmoko software stack would not be open
>> because we are writing it.

So are you going to release the source code to the driver you write? I
think the impression was that an NDA would include not disclosing any
source code you wrote using the NDA'd docs (ala Gumstix Marvell wireless

What exactly will the "driver" actually be? As far as I can tell there
are several options:

1) A DRI/DRM kernel module & associated mesa module
2) A hacked up KDrive with accelerated driver
3) An xorg EXA/XAA driver
4) A DirectFB kernel module
5) A bog-standard Linux frame buffer device

If it's simply going to be a kernel framebuffer device, what's the point
in including the smedia chip at all?!?!? If it's going to be an x-org
EXA driver, how much memory is xorg going to use compared with kdrive?

I am guessing it's going to be a modified KDrive, in which case I guess
we can kiss accelerated OpenGL ES 3D graphics goodbye?



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