gpsd and AGPS

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Tue Sep 4 17:02:52 CEST 2007

Ken Yale wrote:
> Hello,

> Correct.  The Broadcom WWRN will predict the SV track and create ephemeris in advance of broadcast by the SVs.
>> long-term-orbit files, (who knows, GL may go down under lawsuits, and 
>> the servers fall over, be eaten by giant mice, ...) to providing only a 
>> snapshot of the partial data obtained during a short fix, and asking the 
>> server to provide a position.
> Knock on wood -- GL kept the WWRN running 5 years with no service interruptions, and separately, Broadcom has had good luck in recent lawsuits.
> I'm not sure I addressed your point.  Right now, GTA01 does not offer MS-Assisted.

I was meaning with a hypothetical open-source driver.

>> I notice you mention GTA01 only - is there any significance in this?
> Unfortunately, GTA02 does not have a Broadcom GPS device inside.

If by this you mean that it's not got the GL hammerhead in, I'm rather 

At no point has anyone from the core team said otherwise, I've been 
spending much of my dev time on the GTA01 on doing utterly pointless 
dead-end work on reverse engineering the hammerhead, when it has 
presumably been known to the core team for months that this was the case.

The hammerhead hardware is quite featured, and would actually be 
significantly better than a simple device that outputs NMEA data, with a 
suitable driver.

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