GTA02 GPS (was Re: gpsd and AGPS)

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Tue Sep 4 17:50:54 CEST 2007

ti, 2007-09-04 kello 23:27 +0800, Harald Welte kirjoitti:
> Just to clarify this:  We have both GTA02 prototypes with GL/Broadcom
> and with a a competing firmware-based AGPS solution.  

Thanks for the clarification, and apologies for spreading the premature
"word out on the street" that the change was pretty much decided

I appreciate the more-than-usually difficult decision process with the
chip, and Ian Stirling's reverse-engineering work so far. (While my
particular family would most likely continue to enjoy a
reverse-engineered driver on the GTA01 for quite a while, it does
undoubtedly lessen the motivation to do so quite a lot if the work will
not be useful on GTA02...)

Access to more raw GPS data, such as with the Hammerhead, would
certainly be a bonus if indeed said reverse-engineering would succeed
(and I have no doubt it would, given some time and effort); on the other
hand, FIC likely couldn't ship a fully free solution by default anyway,
at least in/through the US (maybe elsewhere as well depending on
contractual obligations), so it would remain a sort of blemish on the
otherwise free OpenMoko.

Anyway, keep up the good work (I'll take Harald's word for it ;), Ken,
with the gllin build, and the OM team with the hard calls. I would
encourage Ian to continue working on the Hammerhead RE, but again, no
one can really blame one for losing motivation at least until the
situation clears up. Especially what with pretty much volunteer work and
all (I presume).

Cheers all around,

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