other text input concept...

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No, the keys are not optimized yet! It was just to understand the concept,
I'll do some research to make an algorithm that could handle this
optmization...  About the colors it was the best that I can do using the
Draw of OpenOffice  =]


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> Subject: Re: other text input concept...
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> > I had made some updates on my idea to a new text input method:
> >
> > http://www.inf.ufsc.br/~guy/text_input.html<http://www.inf.ufsc.br/%7Eguy/text_input.html>
> >
> > an append: when the user press the key it could expand (about 40%) that
> key
> > and contract the others. With that, the user probably will see all chars
> > that he can access by that key, even with his finger on the keyboard...
> >
> > what do you think?
> >
> > Guy
> I really like that general style of input as it has large keys and can
> be done fairly easily using one hand.  However, the only thing I'm not
> too thrilled about with this design is the key layout.  What was the
> logic behind where they keys were placed?  I would think with just some
> minor tweaks, it could be very usable.  Yeah, and the color scheme does
> need a little work.  Keep up the good work.
> -Jonathon
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