I broke my (non-NEO!) phone :-(

curlynoodle at gmail.com curlynoodle at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 22:47:59 CEST 2007

Christ van Willegen wrote:
> Hi,
> today is a day of mixed feelings... I've been using a Sony-Ericsson
> S700i phone for 2 years now, and it's been quite usable to me. But I
> smashed the display today when it fell out of the pouch it was sitting
> in. It probably still works, but the screen is unusable.
> Since I've heard about OpenMoko and the Neo1973, I've been following
> progress. Since my 2-year contract with the phone company can be
> broken now, I've been wanting to replace my phone. But, preferably for
> a GTA-02, since it has Wifi and that appeals to me a lot.
> I've not been developing for OpenMoko, but I've been in software since
> 1995. I might be able to do something there...
> I was 'hoping' to hold off buying a Neo GTA-02 until they were quite
> mature (almost ready for mass market), but since I'm phone-less now
> (I'll be able to borrow my father's old phone, some Philips with a
> horrible interface) I would like to buy one soonish...
> So, the question boils down to: When would I, approximately, be able
> to buy a GTA-02 phone, and would it bother people if I wouldn't
> develop for it, but 'just' use it as a phone?
> Christ van Willegen


 From what I've read, the projected release is October, but likely later.  I'm 
waiting for the end-user release as well, making due with an old Motorola.  If 
we're patient, I think we'll have a truly unique, totally geeky phone.


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