Fwd: A guestion

Tilman Baumann tilman at baumann.name
Thu Sep 6 14:02:13 CEST 2007

Andreas Utterberg wrote:
> Thanx for the fast replies!
> Does anybody have a good howto on how to setup a sandbox env on a Fedora 
> to be able to write apps? I have also read that most applications is 
> written i GTK+, can one program in any other languages for the moko? 
> Such as python/perl?

I have seen python guis. Perl is available but i don't know if there are 
gtk bindngs available.
The python bindings seem to be more or less complete.

Python will be the prefered language for scripting as it looks now. So 
you can expect full support there at least in the future.

But i have to say, i have no idea how far pyhon is specificly on 
openmoko. It might even be fully complete yet.

> I am really eager to buy a moko, but is it functional today, im living 
> in sweden, is it stable to call from on GSM?

Rumors have that GSM is working stable now. When i checked last weeks it 
was not (yet).

> Also are there any disadvantages to by a moko right now?

Early software early hardware. Both will improve in time...

> Does the new 02 
> have a new design, specs so its smarter to wait?

Better hardware. (see previous mails on ths thread)

You can start developing in qemu or native builds.

If you think you can live without getting the developer hardware now, i 
suggest you wait.

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