Apple is going to beat all competitors

Denis Parchenko cray at
Thu Sep 6 19:07:16 CEST 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007, 7:52:35 PM, David wrote:

>> Anyone saw new Apple announcement? Now iPhone is priced at $399..

> act which has certainly pissed off all the folks who got suckered
> into standing in lines for days and paying through the nose to be the
> first kid on the block with one. This will not incent future potential
> buyers to get, for example, an "iPod Touch" right away, as opposed to
> waiting a few months to see what the price drop will be. Not a good
> strategic move.

> Beyond that, a price drop of 33% on a product scarcely two months old
> strongly suggests that iPhones are not exactly flying off the shelves
> now that the initial reaction has died down...

  As for me, after such drop I became more intended in purchasing it...

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