Myth Busting FTW

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Fri Sep 7 06:42:43 CEST 2007

On 9/6/07, openmoko at <openmoko at> wrote:
> I think there was demand, but if you look at how the number of posts on
> this list has been downhill since a little after its release, I think
> people might have changed their minds..
> This is why I changed my mind - I have no interest in using this phone
> until it has a reliable dialer.  Until then you cant really call it a
> phone...  I just put mine on the shelf in its super cool looking bullet
> proof case and maybe someday I will take it down and try to mess with it..

Alternatively, the community ML traffic might have decreased because people
can now actually work on their phones, which feels infinitely better than
talking about possible work on it... increased traffic in other lists has
got to be coincidence. I dunno. Just a guess.

Darn, I must have missed Sean's announcement that the software was in
working condition when GTA01 shipped. Bummer, I could have replaced my nokia
before the neo ran out of stock.

Updating your phone might not be such a bad idea. Word has it the dialer and
a host of other things have been working well for a little while now.
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