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thomas.cooksey at bt.com thomas.cooksey at bt.com
Fri Sep 7 11:44:18 CEST 2007

>I'd like to introduce Michael Shiloh and Joachim "Roh" Steiger -- two
>new members of the OpenMoko team. Their primary responsibility will be
>to support you, the OpenMoko community developers. I'm sure you'll all
>agree this is an extremely important (and too often neglected in this
>project) role ;-)

Fantastic news... In that case, any chance of letting us know:

>What exactly will the [sMedia3362] "driver" actually be? As far as I
can tell there are several options:

>1) A DRI/DRM kernel module & associated mesa module
>2) A hacked up KDrive with accelerated driver
>3) An xorg EXA/XAA driver
>4) A DirectFB kernel module
>5) A bog-standard Linux frame buffer device

One of the biggest complaints I've read about on this list is the
responsiveness of the user interface. One possible/probable reason for
this is the rendering speed of OpenMoko's GTK+ implementation. The
sMedia chip has been touted as one of the ways the GTA02 will speed up
rendering, and the term "Hardware acceleration" has been mentioned quite
a bit. However, I've not seen anyone mention _how_ GTK+ is actually
going to be accelerated by the sMedia chip. I think this is a pretty
important issue. Personally I'd like to see a full OpenGL ES & EGL
library so we(I) can start porting the OpenGL ES port of Quake 3 to the
neo. :-) 

Quake 3 on the neo... mmmmmm... yummy...



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