Apple is going to beat all competitors

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Fri Sep 7 17:43:11 CEST 2007

On 9/6/07, Denis Parchenko <cray at> wrote:
> Hi folks!
>   Anyone saw new Apple announcement? Now iPhone is priced at $399..
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It just occurred to me that Apple's price cut may have nothing to do with
lagging sales. Sure there's that whole issue that more phones were sold in
the first 30 hrs than in the following month, but beyond that, $399 iphones
are highly detrimental to the success of the Neo1973. The neo was more
attractive to general consumers because of its price, but now OM has to
justify selling a phone with fewer features for more money. Apple's move is
ingenious if you look at it this way. Average buyers don't care that it's
running linux or that they can hack it any way they want. The neo has to
either be priced below the iphone or have more attractive features (3G + 3D
desktop and more if possible) to stand even the slightest chance in the
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