Apple is going to beat all competitors

ian douglas id at
Fri Sep 7 20:51:12 CEST 2007

Andreas Utterberg wrote:
> Better to get it out now with more bugs, then later with less bugs.

I disagree: having *any* noticeable bugs in a release product will bring
a lot of criticism. Having "more bugs" just to get a release out the
door will generate a lot of bad press about the efforts put in by
everyone on the team, and will discourage a lot of people from trying
the Neo.

I also don't think that Beryl/Compiz is something worth working towards
(yet) when the base two-dimensional UI still has issues. (that's the
impression I've gotten, based on other message threads; my Neo should be
here any day from another developer, so I can't speak to this personally

But I do agree with the messages that Tilman and Raphael just sent about
some 'flawless' basic features that need to happen before we add eye
candy: dialer, address book, SMS, browser, then other value-added goodies.


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