Apple is going to beat all competitors

Raphael Jacquot sxpert at
Fri Sep 7 22:19:55 CEST 2007

Ted Lemon wrote:

> At a minimum, we need:
> - It's got to actually work as a mobile phone.

that's the most important thing

> - At least several hours of H.264 playback.

possibly doable but I don't believe the current hardware can handle it

> - A good music app, ideally tied in to the Amazon/Universal store.

with the amount of DRM shit those morons are going to require, forget it
leave people put their own stuff on there. no silly iTunes crap

> - Smart connectivity - connecting up bluetooth devices has to be easy, 
> and sensing and connecting to known WiFi networks has to be seamless and 
> automatic.


> - Mobile Safari-like web browsing - that is, you get to see the whole 
> web page, and you can expand and contract the image.


> - Leverage the GPS to do things the iPhone doesn't do.

that should be somehow tied with openstreetmap

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