Apple is going to beat all competitors

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I couldn't have stated it better my self.  I don't like it when people say
oh no the I phone is going to squich the Neo1973. Me no phone can touch the
neo1973.  For me it is a revolution, that will change the way phone
industry.  For far to long the phone industry has been this big monster that
has taken away freedom from the get go.  And we just keep taking it lying
down.  If people are sick and tired of letting the phoen companies drive, or
I should say stifle, innovation then they will pick the neo1973.  The
Neo1973 is not going to compete with the iphone it is competing with the way
the phone industry treats it's customers.  I think that is worth any price.
Now having extra features, nice UI, and a good looking device it really nice
and I think could add a great deal of momentum to the project.  But this
whole the Neo1973 project is doomed I just don't like.  And all those people
saying that they will buy an iphone now because the price is so low, good
for you, I hope you buy a neo also because you will understand that it can
make the future better.

On 9/7/07, jjh at <jjh at> wrote:
> IMHO...
> I've been following the Neo1973 for months now, lurking, and tend to
> disagree with just about all comparisons I've read w/ the iPhone.  When
> someone references the iPhone I think "iPhone, I could care less".
> I think it's great that the Neo1973 is now getting some exposure, but I
> think it's a mistake to compare it to any other phone, iPhone or
> otherwise.
> At least from how I've been following it, it's not being designed to be
> the phone for the average cell phone user.  It's a phone for the geek, the
> hacker, the coder.  It's a phone to challenge all other phones.  The neo
> to
> me is more of a revolution than an iPhone killer or even competitor.  If
> the neo reaches even mediocre success I see big changes in the world of
> cell phones...
> The iPhone killer, competitor, or comparisons you have been describing -
> to
> me - should not be done against the neo.  The iPhone killer will be a
> later
> model OpenMoko phone brought out after much custom development and
> innovative ideas are done against the Neo1973.  The basic production
> Neo1973 is what will begin the end of the iPhone - and all other phones -
> but it is not going to be released as "the one" (pun!) ready to do it.  It
> will take some time and community innovation for the neo to be a "killer
> phone".
> It may even be a second or third model OpenMoko phone before it is the
> phone to end all phones.  It's starting out strong w/ wifi, gps,
> accelerometers, and other features but how much more dream hardware could
> be crammed into it? Just imagine...
> I can't wait for a neo so I can begin writing my own apps against all the
> open hardware.  I don't care if it not sexy in certain ways.  It's the
> beginning of a dream phone - a phone that you can hack up in any way you
> want.
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