Apple is going to beat all competitors

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Fri Sep 7 23:43:53 CEST 2007

Marco Barreno <barreno at> writes:

> On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 05:18:36PM +0100, thus spake David R. Newman:
>> Nkoli wrote:
>> > On 9/6/07, *Denis Parchenko* <cray at <mailto:cray at>> wrote:
>> > sold in the first 30 hrs than in the following month, but beyond that,
>> > $399 iphones are highly detrimental to the success of the Neo1973. 
>> But the Neo, even as a small-quantity development kit, only costs $300.
>> That's still less that $399. A mass-produced OpenMoko phone would cost
>> less (particularly if it was ready to use in the Chinese, Japanese and
>> Indian markets).
> Unfortunately, the $300 base/$450 advanced pricing scheme was a special
> discount for GTA01.  The announced price for GTA02 is $450 for Neo
> Base and $600 for Neo Advanced; see Sean's "New Oceans" email:
> or the Neo1973 wiki page:
> At that pricing, though, it will indeed have a tough time competing
> with the iPhone among anyone but the most committed free software
> geeks.

$300 for an iPhone with a two year contract, or $450 for a Neo1973
without any contract. One of these is a better value amortized over
time especially given that newer AT&T/Cingular rates are higher than
they used to be, and much higher than T-Mobile (in the US at least).


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